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SMS Excel Plugin 3.5

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SMS Excel Plugin
Our software takes less than 2 minutes to download and install onto your computer. Upon installation you can send customized SMS in bulk directly from an excel sheet. A flash demo can be viewed at Features we provide include a user-friendly interface, unique sender ID, message previewing facility, character counting, scheduling to suit your convenience, needs or constraints, checking your SMS credit balance, changing your password, removing duplicate numbers, customized message templates, message delivery reports of campaigns conducted, http api (used to integrate the SMS gateway into your application) and filtering via NDNC. Messages can be sent to all valid GSM and CDMA mobile phone numbers across India. Messages can be sent with excel plug-in or web browser. Our sms plug-in is a fast, personalized, and scalable communication tool whose effectiveness can be tracked and measured. It can be used for marketing, promotional and informational purposes. Our team is standing by ready to answer your queries and assist you in the purchase of sms credits so that you are able to activate the software. Our billing team immediately activates your account with SMS credits upon confirmation of payment. We provide email, remote desktop, and phone after-sales support to assist you in installing the software and sending messages.Visit for a free demo account.
Windows, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Business x64
SMS Excel Plugin
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